¿Things To do In Puerto Vallarta?

My top 5 of  activities to do in Puerto Vallarta.  these  are,  some highly personal recommendations to try on your next visit to this port:

Meet A Village: Unlike other Mexican ports like Cancún and  Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta is a curious case  of unexpected Touristic Destination , you can find in many homes of Down town made ​​with brick,  very traditional facades of these ancient village, so my first recommendation is to know the city.

Beaches that makes you fall in love:  Although in Nayarit and further south of Banderas bay, you can find best and quietest beaches, the Downt town and the north hotel zone, offers you a variety of beaches with free access that you  can enjoy without any problem.
Live an Adventure: The Great contrast that  provide us the sea and the mountains of this Mexican port, allows us to try a number of activities among which, the Rappel, Canopy, ATVs, hiking, horseback riding and many water activities among which highlight Fishing, exploration of islands and diving, don't  miss a chance to try some of these activities.
Feel the Flavor: Mexican cuisine in general is great, if we add the international flavor, or in another level the homemade touch, we can give to Puerto Vallarta the position of  the gastronomic paradise in the Pacific coast, from the most basic to gourmet dishes, you will taste a real magical experience.
Party Nights: The hapiness of the port  comes to live,  like an open and unfinished road  of lights and music, you will find a variety of sites that allow you  to brighten your nights, is a diverse destination and it deserves the title of friendliest city of México.

Puerto Vallarta Is For everybody.

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